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Fines for violations

The Regional Dental Health Centre of Vladimir Oblast fined 200,000 roubles for violations identified by the Federal Service for the Supervision of Public Health and Social Development (Roszdravnadzor) during an unscheduled inspection As per an individual request in regards to the quality of dental medical services provided on a paid basis, the territorial authority of the Federal Service for the

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Fast news about regulation

expected changes in taxes (government fees) for changing process – amendment process for technical dossier for issued registration certificates – this could cause possible changes in technical characteristics of medical devices. no official information about prolongation of renewal process for registration certificates issued before 2013; manufacturers still need to change a form of registration certificate before January of 2017 as

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Criminal law – wholesaling unregistered medical products

An individual entrepreneur was punished under criminal law in the Samara Region for wholesaling unregistered medical products.In the end of 2015, the officers of the Chief Administration of Internal Affairs in the Samara region detected the following medical products in circulation in the region: “Products for wrinkle filling Dermal Filler Platinum Bronze” produced by Renne BioMed Sarl, France, “Products for

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