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Pharmaceutical substances and excipients

There are a few groups of medical devices, which have pharmaceutical substances in their composition. For example, filers with hyaluronic acid or stents with immunosuppressors. (details by link) However, medical devices can contain not only pharmaceutical substances but excipients. According to Federal Law 61 “On circulation of Medicinal Products” excipients are substances of inorganic or organic origin used in the

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The Federal Service for Surveillance in HealthCare ceases cooperation with MFC

Legal entities and/or private entrepreneurs intending to perform work (services) in the field of medical device circulation shall notify the Federal Service for Surveillance in HealthCare about the initiation of their operations. On 26 May, 2018, an Order of the Government of the Russian Federation was issued (No. 603), amending the list of public services which may be provided by

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Medical device labeling

Today we speak about some easy but necessary rules in Russia – labeling, marking of medical devices must comply with in order to medical device could be registered in Russian Federation. Should be noticed, that all the labeling rules (except the electrotechnical symbols) are regulated by 3 standards: GOST R 50444, GOST R ISO 15223 and GOST 14192. The last

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Nowadays the market for biomedical cell products (BMCP or BCP) is a rapidly growing branch of the global economy. This is due to the fact that this type of product provides a fundamentally new approach to the treatment of many diseases: malignant neoplasms, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system, as well as diabetes mellitus. BMCP is

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Sunscreens are an integral part of protection against aggressive solar radiation. The modern market of cosmetic products offers a wide range of different sunscreen products containing a set of components that help protect the skin from the harmful effects of solar radiation. It should be noted that there are two types of UV radiation: UFA and UVB. UVA radiation does

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There are substances in our body that can destroy different cells and useful compounds. They are called free radicals. For example, two collagen molecules, which became free radicals, when collided with oxygen radicals, become so active that they can bind each other. Normal collagen cannot behave like that. Linked collagen is less elastic than normal one and holds water less

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