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Climatic zone classification for medical devices

There is a standard GOST 15150 in Russian Federation, which regulates climatic conditions of manufactured devices. It contains normative values of ambient temperatures for different modifications of devices for different climatic areas. According to GOST R 50444 medical devices must comply with requirements of one of these climatic conditions: УХЛ4.2 (English abbreviation see in table below), У1, У1.1, У2, У3,

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Medical device classification in GOST R 50444-92

GOST R 50444-92 (equivalent to GOST 20790-93) is an important standard for many types of medical devices in Russia, and is particularly important for their marketing authorization procedure; however it has several specific features to be mentioned: Despite its vaguely described scope (which is as medical devices, medical apparatus, medical equipment and sets of medical equipment, except X-ray medical equipment

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Changing in Regulation for medical devices – the biggest from 2013

Amendments for Order of Russian Government 1416 were done – and this 4th issue is the most significant from 2013 year. Main ideas: IVD registration uses fast track for 1 risk class devices Government could changes classification rules (4n code) – and in this case code will be changed automatically by informing holder Permission of samples import – as a

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Medical device labeling

Today we speak about some easy but necessary rules in Russia – labeling, marking of medical devices must comply with in order to medical device could be registered in Russian Federation. Should be noticed, that all the labeling rules (except the electrotechnical symbols) are regulated by 3 standards: GOST R 50444, GOST R ISO 15223 and GOST 14192. The last

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The number of stomatology material samples for biocompatibility studies

In one of previous articles we discuss quantity of medical device samples for toxicological testing (biocompatibility trials). Current article is about necessary number of stomatology (dental) material samples for toxicological testing. The standard regulated this quantity in Russia is GOST 31576. And its actual version is GOST 31576-2012. The 3rd section of these standards contain the table, regulating the necessary number

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