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BeAWire team (BWteam) works more than 10 years in approval services – our specialists successfully finished state registration for different product types: from X-Rays to  liquid implants and received more then 150 registration certificates in total.

We can help you with testing (safety and biocompatibility), with standards and approvals, we provide clinical trials and state registration (Russian medical device registration certificate) – BW team interested in growing markets of cosmetics, cosmeceuticals (FDA doesn’t accept this definition) and medical devices; in opportunities and new technologies; honestly speaking – every day we try to find tomorrow.

Main principle of our work is Product. All in certification services, all in approvals starts from product: product characteristics, product properties and intended use. We support: consulting for QMS; development of risk management file and clinical evaluation, technical file and specific testing for different type of devices.

So for us – product is the first. We work for you, we do it everyday.

07.09.2016 Tatiana Nosova (CEO, Company BW, LLC)

| About Company

Company BW, LLC (BeAWire is a trademark) was established in 2016 year as approval services company (on the base on experience of our team).

Company name in Russian – ООО “Компания “БиВи”.

Legal address: Prospect Mira, 101,  room 17, Moscow, Russian Federation 129085 .

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By email info@beawire.com or by webform

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Our team takes a part in different events about medical devices such as exhibitions, seminars and workshops which we provide for our current and potential clients – information about past events here. 

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