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We are glad to announce that starting from the New Lunar Year we opened a New business line in our company – market analysis!

Being involved in the field of MD registration for more than 15 years, we realize how crucial it is to get a comprehensive picture of the market before launching such a difficult process as a product registration. In this regard, we decided to use our expertise to help our current and potential partners to learn more about the Russian market of medical devices and healthcare systems.

If you are thinking about placing your product, we can provide you with the most recent and accurate information, regulations, statistics and analysis.

We help manufacturers and distributors to take the right step!

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In congruity with our new business line we provide the following data on the openly published basis and would like to start with some figures of the Federal Budget allocations to the healthcare segment. These are the amounts approved for 2023 and planned for the next 2 years – a bit less than 1,5 trillion rubles with an increasing trend. As you can see, the government spends about 5% of the whole country budget to the healthcare segment, but these are just some general figures: small in terms of percentage, big in terms of overall numbers. However, the most interesting and self-explanatory parts are hidden inside. Details can make all the difference.

 From this data we can see the budget in 2023 to be divided in 2 parts – the main of them is the State program named “The Development of healthcare sector”. Unlike the National project “Healthcare”, quite a big part of money from the State program are dedicated to the capital costs: building infrastructure and new clinics, renovating hospitals and wards.

In this diagram we can see the split in the State program – traditionally more money is being allocated to the ambulatory care because statistically there are much more people who need out-patient treatment. Also the government is aimed to develop the primary health care and sets KPI for preventive maintenance.