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Attention, medical organizations and private entrepreneurs!

As of December 12, 2017, resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation as of 18/12/2016 No. 1327 shall enter legal force, in accordance with which the following changes will be enacted in relation to the Regulation on the licensing of medical practice (with the exception of the indicated business conducted by medical organizations and other organizations included within a

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Illegal paid examinations and Roszdravnadzor inspection

Patients with strokes in a hospital of Azov (Rostov Region) were illegally referred to paid examinations. Based on the Roszdravnadzor inspection materials, the medical institution was fined 150,000 rubles. The Roszdravnadzor territorial body for Kaluga Region has carried out a scheduled inspection of the Central Municipal Hospital of Azov MBUZ (Municipal Budgetary Healthcare Institution). In the course of the supervision

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Patient died, as assumed by the mass media, because of failure to timely provide medical care in nephrology discipline

Roszdravnadzor discovered violations in State Budgetary Healthcare Institution of Stavropol Territory “Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 3” of Stavropol, where a patient died, as assumed by the mass media, because of failure to timely provide medical care in nephrology discipline. The territorial body of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Healthcare for Stavropol Territory has conducted an off-schedule

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In response to inquiries from the media about the introduction of pharmaceutical drugs to civil circulation, Roszdravnadzor has the following to inform

In response to inquiries coming in from the media and the professional pharmaceutical community regarding the bill “On the Introduction of Amendments to Individual Laws of the Russian Federation Concerning the Introduction of Pharmaceutical Drugs for Medical Purposes to Civil Circulation,” the Federal Service for Supervision of Health Care (Roszdravnadzor) has the following to inform. The population of the Russian

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The interview to Izvestia newspaper

The interview of the Head of the Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development of Russian Federation (Roszdravnadzor) to Izvestia newspaper. Mikhail Murashko: “In the vast majority of cases, identified problems with drug provision in the regions are of an organizational nature. The most frequent cases are deficiencies in logistics, drug flow management in the RF subjects, the

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