Duplicate receiving (Russia)

Duplicate receiving process is required when manufacturer has no hard copy of previouly issued registration certificate – RZN has electronic database but in any case hard copy is used very often (for sales, custons clearance and so on – also original of registration certificate is evidence of registration process by law). Manufacturer couldn’t process changing of registration certificate without of this original.

The same process as for duplicate also for renewal process (all manufacturers need to change a draft of registration certificate before 2017 if they have registration certificate without expiry date – according to order of Russian Government 1416 from 27/12/2012. Differences between duplicate and changong process are required documents and strict rule to provide original of old registration certificate for renewal process).

| What is required from manufacturer?

From manufcaturer side BW team needs to have Power of Attorney and scan copy of old registration certificate.

| What is the term?

Term: 2 weeks. After updates – see below, term is 2-3 weeks.

| What is the process? 


Registration certificate (duplicate) will have the same number and the same date as in original.

| Updates:

Order of Russian Government 521n from 08.08.2016