Changing of registration certificate (Russia)

Changing of registration certificate could be provided in case of:

  • manufacturer wants to change legal address or company name,
  • manufacturer changes factory sites,
  • manufacturer changes holder of registration certificate,
  • manufacturer changes classification rules (for new classification scheme, when it is necessary),
  • manufacturer changes product name (amendment process to technical documentation).

For changing process BWteam prepare dossier for submission, from manufacturer documents (as evidence of changes) are required and Power of attorney to BWTeam.

! Manufcaturer must have hard copy of previously issued registration certificate. In case of absence this hard copy – duplicate process provided first.

Term: 1-2 months (depends on type of changing).

| What is the process

  1. 1.For all changes except of product name:changes1Manufacturer needs to provide power of attorney and evidences of changes (for example, official document about changing legal address).
  2. For product name changing (with amendment process): changes-2Additional documents are required – technical file and user manual with applied changes.

| Updates:

Order of Russian Government 521n from 08.08.2016

Changing 4n classification code (product type code) – RZN letter from end of November