List of documents (for cosmetic products) – CU TR 009\2011

From manufacturer side:

  • Product specification (raw material list, information about ingredients) (approved by manufacturer),
  • Normative documents according to which product is manufactured (approved by manufacturer),
  • Product label or draft of product label (approved by local company),
  • Document about safety of samples for approval process (approved by manufacturer),
  • Evidence of customers’ properties listed in product label (such as SPF, anti-wrinkle action and so on) – (approved by manufacturer),
  • Quality Management System certificate (if applicable),
  • Documents about manufacturing process (if applicable),
  • Contract between manufacturer and local company

Information about local company (local company is a must):

  • Document about company registration (OGRN) and INN number

All documents must be translated to Russian and have legalization in country of origin (BWTeam could provide translation from different language).