CU TR 009\2011 – beauty

CU TR 009\2011 for beauty product is a part of EEU regulation – under EAC mark – applied for beauty products in common meaning except of products from the list under state registration for cosmetics and state registration as medical devices (if product fails under nomenclature classification by intended use – see medical device classification rules).

| What is the process?

Quotation stage – contact us to estimate quantity of DoC and project conditions. Manufacturer prepares documents and samples, send all information to BW Team – from this point accredited testing lab (who has accreditation for cosmetics testing) starts trials, on the base on these results Notified Body issues Declaration of Conformity (EAC mark) for cosmetic products.

cosmo doc

| How long does it take to receive DoC?

2-4 weeks (from the point of documents and samples from manufacturer side are ready).

| What is required from manufacturer side?

  • documents according to list of documents (list of documents for CU TR beauty),
  • samples (quantity disscussed additionally),
  • local company (it is nessesary to have local company for DoC issuing).