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Blockchain technology in medicine

Blockchain technology (BT) became popular with the development of cryptocurrency bitcoin in 2009. From that moment on, interest in this invention began to take place in many sectors of the economy, including medicine. In this review, we will try to explain as simple as possible what blockchain is and how it can be applied in the fields of medicine and

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Mobile medical technologies

The title of this article does not coincidentally sound “mobile medical technologies”, and not “mobile medical devices”. This material is devoted not only to medical devices, but also to technologies that do not have the status of “medical device” in the Russian Federation, but are intended for medical purposes. To date, it is mainly apps on mobile phones, smartwatches and

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The role of stress in the pathogenesis of human diseases

In the modern world, people often use the word “stress” and make it synonymous with experiences, anxiety, or intense excitement. Nevertheless, the term is much broader and in medical terminology has not only a negative connotation. Today, the term “stress” means the nonspecific response of the body to extraordinary stimuli (stressors). At the same time, by its biological nature, stress

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