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The article “Labeling of devices. Introduction

 1. Introduction The labeling of medical devices shall be a matter of crucial importance for the design, development, manufacturing and virtually every other phase of life cycle of medical devices, particularly during the operational period. However in real life, as one can see, manufacturers either do not duly care about label contents and description, or take every effort in order

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VAT rate for medical devices imported to Russia and registered as medical-purpose devices (medical equipment)

With reference to the letter about the application of exemption from value-added tax (the tax rate of 10 per cent) to medical devices imported into the Russian Federation and registered as medical-purpose devices (medical equipment), please be informed of the following. Under Paragraph 4 of Sub-clause 1, Clause 2, Article 149, and Paragraph 3 of Sub-clause 4, Clause 2, Article

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