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Trademark registration in TROIS

TROIS is the Customs Registry of Intellectual Property Rights[1]. As of 2020, pursuant to the decision of the Supreme Court, trademarks are entered in TROIS upon application from the applicant, rather than upon discovering an infringement of intellectual property rights during the import of counterfeit goods, as has been the case since the creation of this register in 2004. TROIS

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Changes in Government fees during custom clearance of medical device samples

With reference to the current economic situation, in April two resolutions of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission were adopted, namely No. 46 dated 5 April 2022 and No. 63 dated 12 April 2022, which changed the import duty rates for a particular group of goods. Pursuant to the above-mentioned resolutions, upon import of goods from the list an

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The first list of type codes under Decree No. 552 has been published

On the website of the Federal Service Rosddravnadzor, the first list of type codes to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 552 dated 01.04.2022 has been published (On approval of the specifics of circulation, including the specifics of the state registration of medical devices in the event of their defectiveness or the risk of defectiveness in connection

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