State registration for cosmetics

Which cosmetic products (beauty products) are required to have state registration as main approval (according to Appendix 12 to CU TR 009/2011):

  1. Perfumes and cosmetics for tanning
  2. Perfume and beauty products for bleaching (lightening) of the skin
  3. Cosmetic tattooing
  4. Intimate cosmetics
  5. Perfumes & Cosmetics Personal protective skin from the effects of harmful factors
  6. Baby Care
  7. Perfume and beauty products for chemical staining, lightening and highlighting hair
  8. Perfume and beauty products for the chemical straightening and straightening
  9. Cosmetic products made with nanomaterial’s
  10. Perfume and beauty products for hair removal (depilation)
  11. Pilings
  12. Fluorinated oral hygiene, the mass fraction of fluoride which is greater than 0.15% (for liquid oral hygienic products – 0.05%)
  13. Products for bleaching teeth comprising hydrogen peroxide or other components that produce peroxide hydrogen, including carbamide peroxide and zinc peroxide with a concentration of hydrogen peroxide (as a substance or allocated) 0.1% – 6.0%.

| Who is responsible for State Registration Process?

In Russia – Rospotrebnadzor.

| For which countries this approval is applied?

For EEU countries.

| How long does it take?

About 1 month. Government staff work takes 7 days, main time is required for testing.

| Which documents are required?

List of documents are here.

| How process looks like?

Main process

| Is this process applied only for exceptions from CU TR 009/2011 or for any other products?

No – state registration is applied for different products.