Certification of perfume and beauty products. Requirements for labeling.

On the Russian market there is an extensive group of products called perfume and beauty products. According to TR CU 009/2011 this group of goods is subject to either state registration or declaration (More about it by link).

  1. What is perfume and beauty products?

According to TR CU 009/2011 perfume and beauty products (PBP) are substances or mixtures of substances intended for application directly on the outer cover of the person (skin, hair, nails, lips) and the external genitals) or on the teeth and mucous membranes of the oral cavity with the sole or primary purpose of cleansing them, changing their appearance, giving pleasant odor, and/or correcting body odor, and whether to protect, and/or maintain in good condition, and/or care.

The main characteristics of the PBP include:

– method of application of the product (PBP is intended exclusively for external application on certain parts of the human body)

– the place of application of the product — PBP is applied to the skin, hair, nails, lips, teeth, oral mucosa and external genitals

the purpose of application of the product (individually or in any combination) – cleansing and/or changing the appearance of the skin, hair, nails, lips, teeth, oral mucosa and external genitals without disruption of their integrity, to give them a pleasant smell and/or to correct their odor, to maintain them in normal functional condition.

  1. Declaration for the PBP.

Certification bodies with appropriate accreditation, which can be checked on the website of the Federal Accreditation Service, provide certification services for PBP. (http://fsa.gov.ru/index/staticview/id/70/)

Applicant must have the following documents for each product name:

  • List of ingredients in the composition of perfume and beauty products, indicating the concentration of ingredients
  • Copies of documents containing organoleptic and physical and chemical indicators of products
  • Test reports obtained in an accredited laboratory.
  • Draft of labeling for consumer packaging of PBP
  • GMP certificate or QMS conformity certificate to the production requirements of TR CU 009/2011
  • documents confirming the consumer properties of the PBP declared in the labeling of consumer packaging


  1. Requirements for labeling.

The PBP labeling should contain the following information:

  • PBP name
  • Intended use of PBP, if name of PBP doesn’t contain this info
  • Manufacturer’s name and location (Legal address, including country)
  • Name and location of the authorized representative
  • Nominal quantity (volume or mass) of products in consumer packaging
  • Expiration date
  • Date of manufacture
  • Storage conditions (if different from standard)
  • Special precautions (if necessary)
  • Batch number
  • Intended use
  • Ingredients list (Composition)



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