Telemedicine technologies in the modern healthcare system.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, sectors of the economy such as education and health are particularly digitalized. Of course, it cannot be said that the current situation was a reason for the development of information technologies, but significantly contributed to the involvement of a large number of people in the transition to remote format of work. In this regard, telemedicine technologies are of particular interest.

According to Federal Z 323 “On the Basics of Protection of Citizens’ Health in the Russian Federation”, telemedicine technologies– information technologies providing remote interaction of medical workers among themselves, with patients and/or their legal representatives, identification and authentication of the specified persons, documentation of their actions in conducting consultations, remote medical monitoring of the patient’s health;

If we talk about the provision of medical care to patients, telemedicine technologies can be used for the following purposes (according to FZ 323):

  • prevention, collection, analysis of patient complaints and anamnesis data, evaluation of the effectiveness of therapeutic and diagnostic measures, medical monitoring of the patient’s health.
  • making a decision on the need for a face-to-fact consultation (examination).

Important is the fact that the use of telemedicine technologies cannot replace a face-to-face doctor’s appointment. For example, correction of previously prescribed treatment during a remote consultation can be carried out subject to the diagnosis by the doctor and the treatment order at a face-to-face appointment (examination, consultation). This is also written in the FZ. Moreover, the procedure for the organization and provision of medical care with the use of telemedicine technologies prohibits remote diagnostics.

In addition to providing medical care telemedicine technologies can be used for:

  • consultations of medical workers among themselves.
  • distance interaction of medical workers among themselves to make an opinion on the results of diagnostic studies.

In addition to remote communication, the use of telemedicine technologies in Russia implies the transition to an electronic system of document management, introduction of a package of electronic services in personal patient’s office “My health” on the Single portal of public services.

If we consider the technical side of telemedicine, namely, through which remote interaction is implemented, it is worth noting the growing number of software developed by government and commercial entities. In 2019, 1.5 billion rubles were invested in Russian telemedicine companies (estimated by VEB Ventures). Among the developments of 2020 can be noted the following (according to

– April 9, 2020 “Vega” concern (part of Roselectronica Holding of Rostec State Corporation) announced the development of telemedicine service intended for remote consultations of patients. One of the first institutions where the system started woring was Regional Clinical Hospital – the largest multidisciplinary clinic of Krasnoyarsk Region.

– On June 17, 2020, Sberbank announced the launch of a multifunctional service SberHealth, which will provide a range of medical services. Through the online resource SberHealth residents of Russia can already make a face-to-face appointment with a doctor in private clinics of their city, get online advice with the help of telemedicine provided by medical specialists of more than 20 directions; enroll with a doctor on the VMI policy, call the doctor at home, sign up for diagnosis, order a comprehensive examination, keep health diary and even take care of  pets with the help of veterinary services online.

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