Roszdravnadzor revealed gross violation of legislation in the clinic where a young woman died during plastic breast surgery. The medical facility in question is closed down

After receiving information about the death of the woman after planned plastic breast surgery in the OOO Elit Clinic company facility, the local office of Roszdravnadzor in Moscow and Moscow Oblast conducted an unscheduled audit of the aforesaid medical facility.

During the audit visit, multiple gross violations of the applicable legislation were discovered.

In particular, two plastic surgeons (one of whom performed the surgery on the deceased patient) had no specific residence training in plastic surgery.

Medical services in the OOO Elit Clinic facility, including aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, were provided in the outpatient format and in the day care format, with no possibility to monitor patients’ conditions on a 24 hour basis.

The following discrepancies were found by the Roszdravnadzor audit team in terms of standards of equipment in the various departments of the medical facility concerned, namely: for the surgeon’s office: absence of Ambu bag, surgical table, dressing table, sterilizing chamber and dry heat oven for medical device sterilisation, and an X-ray film viewer and many other devices were also absent; for the adult anaesthesiology and critical care department: no pre-anaesthesia care unit was provided, in the post-anaesthesia care unit no ventilator with monitoring of tidal and minute volume and circuit pressure monitoring was provided, there was no breathing bag for manual ventilation, as well as a 5-parameter patient monitoring device (oxymetry, NIBP, ECG, breathing rate, temperature), tracheal intubation set, NIBP measuring device etc.; for the cardiologist office: there was no portable express analyzer for cardiac failure markers, etc.; in addition, there were no otorhinolaryngologist, endocrinologist, urologist and neurologist offices.

In addition, for the OOO Elit Clinic company violations of the applicable legislation were identified for organisational aspects of the medical panel, for the management of medical documentation and for the provision of paid medical services in general.

Qualified experts employed by Roszdravnadzor (in particular, in plastic surgery, anaesthesiology and critical care) identified various defects in the medical care provided to the patient, both in terms of its promptness and level of the achievement of the planned goals.

Since 7 May 2018 the OOO Elit Clinic medical facility has ceased provision of medical services.

The enterprise (legal entity), and the officers responsible for the violation of the applicable legislation, are now subject to an administrative prosecution case as per Part 4 of Art. 14.1 of the Administrative Code of the RF. Results of the audit conducted by Roszdravnadzor on this matter were submitted to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in order to be added to the related criminal case files.

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