About quality of cosmetological services (RZN announce)

Due to the increased number of complications occurring to patients after cosmetological interventions, Federal Service for Surveillance in HealthCare (Roszdravnadzor) hereby states the following.

Today, medical and surgical specialists note the increased number of complications occurring to their patients as a result of cosmetological interventions of substandard quality. The most common complications following injection-related cosmetological interventions are inflammation and allergy, pus abscesses, ulceration and visible skin defects.

Due to the increase in the number of cosmetological services of substandard quality and related harm to the health of the population, Roszdravnadzor hereby strongly recommends the following important points to be considered.

Patients who seek injection related cosmetological services should check if the company they intend to use has a license for cosmetic medical services (The General Register of Licences is available for free access on the Roszdravnadzor website http://roszdravnadzor.ru/services/licenses)

Cosmetological services can be provided only at the address stated in the license. Any injection related cosmetological services provided at home, under domestic conditions or at organisations which do not have a proper license are illegal.

A cosmetologist should be a medical professional with proper re-qualification training in cosmetics medicine with basic internship or residency training in dermatovenerology. The medical organisation should post information about the training and qualifications of their specialists on their company’s website on the Internet.

Any medicinal products used for the services in question, including implanted ones (e.g., fillers, meso threads etc.), as well as medical drugs used in injection related cosmetological interventions (e.g. Botox, mesotherapy and other ‘beauty shots’) should be safe and efficient, and this must be verified by means of a registration certificate. The registration of medicinal drugs and products can be verified at the Roszdravnadzor site (http://roszdravnadzor.ru/services/misearch  for medicinal products) and in the State Registration of Medicinal Products held by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Minzdrav) (http://grls.rosminzdrav.ru  for pharmaceutical substances).

In order to avoid the violation of human rights related to proper health management and in order to avoid the threat to people’s health and life, Roszdravnadzor asks providers of all medical services to follow all legal requirements strictly, and asks patients to be responsible and cautious in all matters related to their own health. In the event of complications arising during cosmetological procedures or after such treatment, please inform Roszdravnadzor and its local authorities immediately.

Information from Roszdravnadzor:

Any medical activities without license are subject to administrative and/or criminal liability (with regard to the organisation of private healthcare services, as per part 2 of Art. 14.1. of the Administrative Code of the RF for legal entities, a fine of 40–50,000 RUB with confiscation of the manufactured products, production assets and raw materials, or without such actions; for state organisations, as per part 1 of the Art. 19.20, a fine of 170–250,000 RUB or administrative suspension of operations of up to 90 days); please note that criminal liability for illegal entrepreneur activity (as per Art. 171 of the Criminal Code of the RF) is also possible.

Administrative liability for the grave violation of license requirements for private healthcare entrepreneurship is a fine of 100–200,000 RUB or administrative suspension of operations of up to 90 days; for state companies it is a fine of 150–250,000 RUB or administrative suspension of operations of up to 90 days.

The circulation of counterfeit, poor-quality or unregistered medicinal drugs or products is subject to criminal liability in accordance with the Art. 238.1 of the Criminal Code of the RF (with a maximum 12 years of imprisonment).

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