Illegal paid examinations and Roszdravnadzor inspection

Patients with strokes in a hospital of Azov (Rostov Region) were illegally referred to paid examinations. Based on the Roszdravnadzor inspection materials, the medical institution was fined 150,000 rubles.

The Roszdravnadzor territorial body for Kaluga Region has carried out a scheduled inspection of the Central Municipal Hospital of Azov MBUZ (Municipal Budgetary Healthcare Institution).

In the course of the supervision activities, it was established that 145 patients with strokes, who were urgently delivered to the hospital on emergency, were referred to a private organization for conducting CT scanning on a fee-paid basis.

Besides, in the medical institution, the procedures of equipping of the anesthesiology, resuscitation, traumatology, urological and surgical departments are not observed. The ambulance teams are not equipped with thrombolysis medicines used for efficient treatment of myocardial infarction.

As per the Roszdravnadzor inspection results, Azov Municipal Court has found the Central Municipal Hospital of Azov MBUZ of Azov guilty under Part 3 of Article 19.20 of the RF Code of Administrative Offenses and imposed a penalty amounting to 150 thousand rubles. The magistrate made a similar decision in respect of the chief medical officer and sentenced him to a penalty of 20,000 rubles.

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