In reply to many incoming media enquiries about Roszdravnadzor’s scope of authorities, the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare reports the following

Roszdravnadzor’s key activities aim to detect, deter and prevent violations of citizens’ rights in healthcare.

The Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare, within its scope of authorities, carries out supervisory activities in relation to medical and pharmaceutical organizations of any form of ownership and departmental affiliation, located on the territory of the Russian Federation, and also in respect of the executive bodies of the R.F. subjects in the healthcare.

When detected, corporate violations are recorded in an inspection report; and the entity under control is issued with instructions to eliminate the detected violations.

Also, Roszdravnadzor is authorized to initiate proceedings on administrative offenses and take decisions on bringing to administrative responsibility. In 2016 alone, the service has imposed 183 million rubles’ worth of administrative fines.

In addition, Roszdravnadzor submits inspection reports to the founders of organizations to take response measures and, in case of detecting signs of criminal acts – to law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.

Roszdravnadzor is not authorized to make personnel decisions concerning heads and deputy heads of controlled pharmaceutical and medical organizations and executive power agencies.

The main goal of inspections conducted by the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare is to improve the medical care provision system. The detection of violations in the provision of medical care is focused not on compiling statistical data but on improving the environment for a specific entity and for the entire healthcare system.

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