Good pharmacy practice and good drug storage and transportation practice started

Decrees of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation approving the Rules of good pharmacy practice and good drug storage and transportation practice came into force in the territory of the Russian Federation on March 1, 2017.

Good practices determine the requirements for drug transportation and storage and the activities of drugstores of all ownership types.

A special attention in the above-mentioned normative legal acts is given to the establishment and operation of the quality management system in organizations engaged in pharmaceutical activities, which will improve the quality of services provided by pharmacies to citizens of Russia.

In particular, the document contains requirements for the management, staff and infrastructure of pharmacies as well as requirements for the sale of pharmaceutical goods (including the sale, distribution and pharmaceutical consultancy) and the performance assessment process.

In accordance with new rules, pharmacists are forbidden to conceal information about the availability of drug analogues (bearing the same international nonproprietary name) and their prices. The pharmacy employees do not have the right to deny customers access to the accompanying documentation (certificates and declarations of conformity) for drugs and medical devices.

Failure to comply with good practices is subject to administrative penalty in accordance with Articles 14.1, 14.43 and 19.20 of the Code of Administrative Offences (the maximum penalty is up to one million rubles or the suspension of activities of the institution of up to 90 days).

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