Roszdravnadzor – patients’ rights

In 2015, Roszdravnadzor restored the rights of more than 460 thousand citizens to effective, accessible, and safe medical care and medication. 

As part of supervisory measures, the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare restored the right of 5,086 people to high-quality and safe medical care and protected the rights of 366,140 citizens in 2015.

Furthermore, the rights of 86,681 citizens to high-quality medication were defended; the rights of 4,022 people to free medicines and the rights of 675 citizens to pain management medication were restored.

Thanks to the measures taken by Roszdravnadzor 2,186,282 packages of non-conforming poor-quality and counterfeit medicinal products and 3,759,728 units of medical devices were withdrawn in 2015.

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